Weaving Yarn and Rug Yarn

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  1. Flat paper ribbon Filona
    Flat Paper Ribbon Filona, 100 g
    As low as €7.50 / pcs
  2. Loop'ncraft Braidy
    Loop'ncraft Braidy
    As low as €4.50 / pcs
  3. Lankava Matilda Mini Twine
    Lankava Matilda Mini Twine
    As low as €8.00 / pcs
  4. Lankava Juutti
    Lankava Juutti Jute Cord
    As low as €24.50 / pcs
  5. Kieppari-kierrenaru
    Kieppari Twisted mop yarn
    As low as €19.50 / pcs
  6. Sohvi-shaalilanka
    Sohvi shawl yarn, BATCH
    As low as €2.90 / pcs
  7. Muovikude
    Plastic rug yarn
    As low as €2.50 / pcs
  8. Lankava Esteri-ontelokude
    Lankava Esteri Tube Yarn
    As low as €16.00 / pcs
  9. Lankava Chunkymop
    Lankava Chunkymop Cotton Twine
    As low as €11.90 / pcs
  10. Vilma-villalanka matonkudontaan.
    Wilma Wool Yarn
    As low as €36.00 / kg
  11. Lankava Lilli Mix Tube Yarn
    Lankava Lilli Mix Tube Yarn
    As low as €15.50 / pcs
  12. Mini-ontelokude, 10 kg jumborulla
    Mini Tube Yarn, 10 kg cone
    As low as €12.90 / kg
  13. Selina-samettilanka, 200 m pikkurullalla
    Selina Chenille Yarn, 200 m bobbin
    As low as €6.00 / pcs
  14. Bockens line linen yarn nel 16 unbleached and half bleached
    Bockens line linen yarn Nel 16, 250 g
    As low as €28.00 / pcs
  15. Liina cotton twine 6-ply 500 g
    Liina Cotton Twine, 6-ply
    As low as €15.00 / pcs
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Differents types of yarns for weaving and for rugs are an essential part of our selection. Here we have all the yarns suited to weaving, including fine linen yarns, T-shirt yarns, tube yarns and yarns especially suited for warps. You can type the product name or other search terms in the search field, or use the filters on the left to find the products you are looking for.
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