T-Shirt Yarn, dyed

T-Shirt Yarn, dyed

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Fibre Content100 % Cotton
Weight/Meterage1–1,5 kg
Needles15–25 mm
Hook Recommendation6–10 mm
Huomio-kenttäVärjätty trikookude poistuu valikoimasta raaka-aineen saatavuusongelmien johdosta

T-Shirt Yarn, Dyed

T-Shirt Yarn, or tricot yarn, is great for rug weaving and making crochet rugs and baskets. This yarn has its own unique nature, it is not as even in thickness as our tube yarns, but that can just create the needed handmade feel to your project.

Note: The base yarn is fashion industry waste, so the thickness may vary and knots may occur. There may be differences in colors between the dye lots.

Before use, we recommend that you wash the hanks in the washing machine at 40°C. Note: different colors need to be washed separately!

The product is direct dyed, which as a dying method doesn’t guarantee a 100% color fastness. Especially if you make striped rugs using different colors, make sure you follow these washing directions for the finished products. Note: Do not soak the product!

  1. Mix 20g of synthetic laundry powder, such as OMO, into 10 liters of 40°C water.
  2. Wet the carpet with lukewarm water, do not soak.
  3. Pour the water mixed with laundry powder on the rug. Scrub parallel to the stripes, not against them, to avoid running the colors. Scrub max. 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse the rug thoroughly with lukewarm (approx. 20°C) water. Use at least 20 liters of water for 1 kg of rug. 
  5. Put the rug to dry immediately. Either dry it flat in warm air (+30°C - +60°C), or so that the water runs from the rug parallel to the stripes. Do not dry in direct sunlight.
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