Special yarn

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  1. Alize Puffy Fine Ombre Batik 500 g
    Alize Puffy Fine Ombre Batik 500 g
    As low as €15.50 / pcs
  2. Puffy More
    Puffy More
    As low as €6.00
  3. Alize decofur sim faux fur yarn with glitter
    Alize Decofur Sim
    As low as €3.80 / pcs
  4. Filati Fantasia -kimallelanka
    Filati Fantasia
    As low as €3.10 / pcs
  5. Drops baby alpaca silk
    DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk
    As low as €6.10 / pcs
  6. Pampula knitting yarn
    Knitting Yarn Pampula
    As low as €4.43 / pcs
  7. Alize decofur faux fur yarn
    Alize Decofur
    As low as €3.20 / pcs
  8. Alize angora gold simli batik knitting yarn
    Alize Angora Gold Simli Batik
    As low as €3.60 / pcs
  9. Alize Puffy, A new yarn innovation - no needles, no hook needed.
    Alize Puffy
    As low as €3.50 / pcs
  10. Alize Naturale -neulelanka
    Alize Naturale
    As low as €2.93 / pcs
  11. Viking Garn Reflex
    Viking Garn Reflex
    As low as €5.90 / pcs
  12. Alize Naturale Boucle
    Alize Naturale Boucle
    As low as €2.25 / pcs
  13. Filcolana Tilia
    Filcolana Tilia
    As low as €9.60 / pcs
  14. Sandnes Børstet Alpakka
    Sandnes Borstet Alpakka
    As low as €6.68 / pcs
  15. thin lurex yarn
    Thin Lurex Yarn
    As low as €19.00 / pcs
  16. Lankava Lilli tube yarn with sparkle
    Lankava Lilli Tube Yarn with sparkle
    As low as €16.50 / pcs
  17. Esito looped mohair yarn
    Esito Looped Mohair Yarn
    As low as €26.50 / pcs
  18. Sparkly and fluffy paper yarn 200 g
    Sparkly and fluffy paper yarn, 200 g
    As low as €9.00 / pcs
  19. Kimallepörrö-paperilanka, 100 g
    Sparkly and fluffy thin paper yarn, 100 g
    As low as €9.00 / pcs
  20. Alize angora gold simli glitter knitting yarn
    Alize Angora Gold Simli
    As low as €4.50 / pcs
  21. Thin paper yarn with glitter 100 g
    Thin paper yarn with glitter, 100 g
    As low as €8.50 / pcs
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In this category we have put together some special knitting yarns. Find the yarn that brings the missing sparkle to your knitwear, such as fluffy yarn, metallic or reflective yarn. Try them and spice up your knitting!
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