Baby Yarn

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  1. Alize Puffy, A new yarn innovation - no needles, no hook needed.
    Alize Puffy
    As low as €3.50 / pcs
  2. Alize Puffy Fine yarn for finger knitting.
    Alize Puffy Fine
    As low as €3.50 / pcs
  3. Puffy More
    Puffy More
    As low as €6.00
  4. Himalaya Deluxe Bamboo
    Himalaya Deluxe Bamboo
    As low as €4.90 / pcs
  5. Austermann Merino 105 EXP
    Austermann Merino 105 EXP
    As low as €5.95 / pcs
  6. Alize baby wool baby yarn
    Alize Baby Wool
    As low as €3.80 / pcs
  7. Meleerattu hahtuvalanka
    Wool roving, gradient colors
    As low as €95.00 / kg
  8. Drops Alpaca yarn
    DROPS Alpaca
    As low as €2.80 / pcs
  9. Drops alpaca mix yarn
    DROPS Alpaca Mix
    As low as €2.94 / pcs
  10. Drops baby merino wool yarn
    DROPS Baby Merino
    As low as €3.80 / pcs
  11. Alize baby wool batik baby yarn batik
    Alize Baby Wool Batik
    As low as €3.90 / pcs
  12. Drops baby alpaca silk
    DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk
    As low as €4.27 / pcs
  13. Wool roving undyed
    Wool roving, undyed
    As low as €66.00 / kg
  14. Drops cotton merino yarn
    DROPS Cotton Merino
    As low as €4.00 / pcs
  15. Sandnes garn lanett babyull merino wool yarn
    Sandnes Babyull Lanett
    As low as €4.20 / pcs
  16. Fibra natura papyrus knitting yarn
    Fibra Natura Papyrus
    As low as €2.90 / pcs
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Baby clothes are special since they are made with love for the little newcomer. Babies have sensitive skin, therefore baby yarn is the softest yarn that can be found. Here you can find yarns especially designed for babies, such as Alize Baby Wool, Babyull Lanett and Drops Baby Merino. We believe that babies deserve the finest and softest wools, but of course these yarns can also be used for other knitting projects to add luxury and warmth.
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