Lankava Eco-Cotton Yarns

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  1. Lankava paulina punoskude
    Lankava Paulina Chunky Twine
    As low as €15.50 / pcs
  2. Lankava minimop yarn
    Lankava Minimop Cotton Twine
    As low as €12.50 / pcs
  3. Minimop-pikkurulla 150 g
    Lankava Minimop Cotton Twine 150 g
    As low as €4.90 / pcs
  4. Lilli ontelokude rulla
    Lankava Lilli Tube Yarn
    As low as €15.50 / pcs
  5. Lankava lilli ontelokude kimalteella
    Lankava Lilli Tube Yarn with glitter
    As low as €16.50 / pcs
  6. Lilli Mix - 03 Pikitie
    Lankava Lilli Mix Tube Yarn
    As low as €16.12 / pcs
  7. Lankava Mini tube yarn roll
    Lankava Mini Tube Yarn, roll 1kg
    As low as €15.50 / pcs
  8. Moi-lanka, Molla Mills for Lankava
    MOI Braided Yarn
    As low as €9.90 / pcs
  9. Lankava Pamela Macramé Cord
    Lankava Pamela Macramé Cord
    As low as €12.50 / pcs
  10. Lankava Chunkymop
    Lankava Chunkymop Cotton Twine
    As low as €11.90 / pcs
  11. Lankava Super Chunky
    Lankava Super Chunky
    As low as €11.90 / pcs
  12. Lankava Matilda-punoskude
    Lankava Matilda braided Twine
    As low as €8.00 / pcs
  13. Lankava Frotee pörrökude virkkaukseen
    Lankava Frotee Loopy Craft Yarn
    As low as €16.20 / pcs
  14. lankava lilli tube yarn
    Lankava Lilli Tube Yarn, hank
    As low as €14.00 / kg
  15. lankava mini tube yarn hank
    Lankava Mini Tube Yarn, hank
    As low as €14.00 / kg
  16. tube yarn eko by the hank
    Lankava Eko Tube Yarn, hank
    As low as €14.00 / kg
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Lankava Eco-Cotton Yarns are colorful yarns for crochet, macramé, knitting and weaving. We produce these yarns for your favourite home decor craft projects: tube yarns for modern crochet, twines for macramé and Loopy Craft Yarn for adding a lovely looped texture to your project. All Lankava Eco-Cotton Yarns are made of upcycled cotton waste, a leftover material from textile factories. The yarns are produced by Lankava and are 100% made in EU. Solid-quality, wide colour palettes and eco-friendly aspects are in the core of these premium yarns. The delicious colors are created by mixing different shades of cotton waste – no dyeing is needed!

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