Fabrics and Pouffes

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  1. Huopalevy 1 mm
    Wool Felt, 1 mm
    As low as €35.00 / m
  2. Huopakangas 100% villaa
    Wool Felt, 2 mm
    As low as €42.00 / m
  3. Huopalevy 3 mm
    Wool Felt, 3 mm
    As low as €55.00 / m
  4. Stafil plastic net
    Stafil Plastic Mesh 10mm x 10mm
    As low as €11.00 / m
  5. recycled cotton rug binding
    Rug Binding, width 7 cm
    As low as €4.80 / m
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We are definitely a yarn supplier, but we do offer some fabrics needed for crafts, including nets, twist and linen fabric needed for looms. Here you can also find inner cushions and foams to fill up your pouffes or ottomans.
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