Felting Yarn

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  1. Sohvi-shaalilanka
    Sohvi shawl yarn, BATCH
    As low as €2.90 / pcs
  2. Lankava Villava-villalanka 180x3
    Lankava Villava Wool Yarn 180x3
    As low as €10.90 / pcs
  3. Lankava Villava-villalanka 180x2
    Lankava Villava Wool Yarn 180x2
    As low as €10.90 / pcs
  4. Drops alpaca boucle yarn
    DROPS Alpaca Bouclé
    As low as €2.66 / pcs
  5. Lettlopi icelandic wool
    Istex Lettlopi
    As low as €4.20 / pcs
  6. Meleerattu hahtuvalanka
    Wool roving, gradient colors
    As low as €95.00 / kg
  7. Sandnes Garn Fritidsgarn wool yarn
    Sandnes Fritidsgarn
    As low as €3.90 / pcs
  8. Drops Alpaca yarn
    DROPS Alpaca
    As low as €2.80 / pcs
  9. Drops alpaca mix yarn
    DROPS Alpaca Mix
    As low as €2.94 / pcs
  10. Istex Jöklalopi (Bulkylopi)
    Istex Jöklalopi
    As low as €7.50 / pcs
  11. Finnish wool yarn
    Pirtin Kehräämö Finnish wool yarn, tex 104x3
  12. Istex alafosslopi icelandic wool
    Istex Alafosslopi
    As low as €6.95 / pcs
  13. unni wool yarn on the cone
    Lankava Unni Wool Yarn, cone
    As low as €56.00 / kg
  14. Sandnes tykk ull villalanka
    Sandnes Tykk Ull
    As low as €3.90 / pcs
  15. Drops eskimo bulky yarn
    DROPS Snow
    As low as €2.40 / pcs
  16. istex Plötulopi -hahtuvalanka
    Istex Plötulopi
    As low as €6.90 / pcs
  17. Wool roving undyed
    Wool roving, undyed
    As low as €66.00 / kg
  18. Drops Alaska wool yarn
    DROPS Alaska
    As low as €2.40
  19. Einband icelandic wool
    Istex Einband
    As low as €4.50 / pcs
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Here we have all of our wool yarns which can be used for felting. These yarns are 100% wool, and don't have Superwash or other similar treatments, so they will shrink and felt when washed in the machine or when felted by hand. Note that you need to make the products much bigger to allow for the shrinking. Knitting and then felting the product is an easy way to make felted booties or extremely warm mittens. Felting will smooth the possible unevenness in your knitting, which is why it's a good technique for beginning knitters.
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