Alpaca Yarn

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  1. DROPS Nepal Mix
    DROPS Nepal mix
    As low as €2.10 / pcs
  2. DROPS Air
    DROPS Air
    As low as €5.70 / pcs
  3. Austermann Alpaca Fluffy
    Austermann Alpaca Fluffy
    As low as €8.95 / pcs
  4. Alize Alpaca Royal knitting yarn
    Alize Alpaca Royal NEW
    As low as €3.90 / pcs
  5. Drops Lima villa-alpakkasekoitelanka
    DROPS Lima
    As low as €2.80 / pcs
  6. DROPS Nepal
    DROPS Nepal
    As low as €1.96 / pcs
  7. Drops Puna
    DROPS Puna Alpaca yarn
    As low as €3.90 / pcs
  8. Drops Alpaca yarn
    DROPS Alpaca
    As low as €4.00 / pcs
  9. Drops alpaca mix alpakkalanka
    DROPS Alpaca Mix
    As low as €4.20 / pcs
  10. DROPS Nord
    DROPS Nord
    As low as €2.21 / pcs
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A great selection of yarns made of alpaca wool. Alpaca yarn is softer and warmer than yarn made from sheep wool. Unlike sheep wool there is no lanolin in alpaca wool, so it is usually a good alternative for those allergic to sheep wool.
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