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  1. Spuni merinovillainen neulelanka 100 g
    Istex Spuni 100 g
    As low as €9.90 / pcs
  2. Lettlopi icelandic wool
    Istex Lettlopi
    As low as €4.50 / pcs
  3. Istex alafosslopi icelandic wool
    Istex Alafosslopi
    As low as €7.95 / pcs
  4. istex Plötulopi -hahtuvalanka
    Istex Plötulopi
    As low as €8.50 / pcs
  5. Istex Jöklalopi (Bulkylopi)
    Istex Jöklalopi
    As low as €9.50 / pcs
  6. Einband icelandic wool
    Istex Einband
    As low as €5.30 / pcs
  7. Istex Kambgarn
    Istex Kambgarn
    As low as €6.10 / pcs
  8. Istex Hosuband, islantilainen sukkalanka
    Istex Hosuband
    As low as €6.95 / pcs
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Ístex is well-known for its quality Icelandic wool yarns Álafosslopi, Léttlopi, Bulkylopi, Einband and Plötulopi. The Icelandic wool yarn or Lopi yarn is a product with long tradition. All Lopi yarns are manufactured from high-quality Icelandic wool. Icelandic sheep wool consists of two types of fibers: the inner layer is soft, fine and insulating, while the outer layer consists of long, shiny and water-repellent fibers. Together these fibers create a yarn that is lightweight, water-repellent, breathable and warm. Lopi yarns are the only material for authentic Icelandic sweaters.
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