Knitting Accessories

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  1. KnitPro Pattern Holder
    KnitPro Knitting Chart Keeper
    As low as €23.90 / pcs
  2. TKB Cords -silmukkakaapelit
    The Knitting Barber Cords
    As low as €9.90 / pcs
  3. Muoviset turvasilmät pehmoleluille
    Safety eyes, ø 20 mm
    As low as €2.50 / Pair
  4. KnitPro Zooni Stitch Markers, 12 pcs
    KnitPro Zooni Stitch Markers, 12 pcs
    As low as €13.50 / pcs
  5. KnitPro Playful Beads Stitch Markers
    KnitPro Playful Beads Stitch Markers, 7 pcs
    As low as €6.50
  6. Sock stop anti slip protection for slippery socks
    Sock Stop
    As low as €6.90 / pcs
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Here you can find all the other knitting necessities, including knitting needle gauges and tape measures.
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