Fibra Natura

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  1. Fibra Natura Shepherd's Own wool yarn
    Fibra Natura Shepherd's own
    As low as €4.90 / pcs
  2. Fibra natura java hemp yarn
    Fibra Natura Java
    As low as €3.40 / pcs
  3. Fibra Natura Raffia paper yarn
    Fibra Natura Raffia
    As low as €3.70 / pcs
  4. Fibra Natura Raffia Multi paper yarn
    Fibra Natura Raffia Multi
    As low as €3.95 / pcs
  5. Fibra natura papyrus knitting yarn
    Fibra Natura Papyrus
    As low as €3.20 / pcs
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Fibra Natura brand's selection includes Raffia Paper Yarn, organic cotton yarn Cottonwood, wool yarn called Shepherd's Own, cotton-silk yarn Papyrus, and hemp yarn Java. These yarns are characterized by their natural materials and shades. Fall in love with the beautiful shades of wool and hemp, or create something unique from paper yarn.
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