Crochet Accessories

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  1. Botties Felt Insole
    Botties Felt Insole As low as €10.90 / Pair
  2. Botties Soles for DIY shoes
    Botties Soles for DIY shoes As low as €13.90 / Pair
  3. Crochet Ice Cream Cone DIY kit
    Ice Cream Cone DIY kit As low as €12.00 / pcs
  4. Prym Crochet Hook, metal
    Prym Crochet Hook, metal As low as €2.00 / pcs
  5. Prym virkkuukoukku muovia
    Prym crochet hooks, synthetic As low as €4.50 / pcs
  6. embroidery tags
    Embroidery tags As low as €3.00 / pcs
  7. KnitPro Waves crochet hook
    KnitPro Waves crochet hook As low as €3.80 / pcs
  8. prym ergonomics crochet hook
    Prym Ergonomics crochet hook As low as €5.90 / pcs
  9. esito metal crochet hook
    Esito Crochet Hook, metal As low as €5.00 / pcs
  10. prym tunisian crochet hook
    Prym Tunisian Crochet Hook As low as €4.00 / pcs
  11. prym knooking needle
    Prym Knooking Needle As low as €5.00 / pcs
  12. crochet hook aluminium
    Crochet Hook, aluminium As low as €0.50
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Finding the right hook does matter! Our selection of crochet hooks includes different types of hooks from different manufacturers, including Prym and KnitPro. Ergonomical hooks are easy to hold and will make your crochet go like a dance. The durability of the hook is especially important when you're making rugs from T-shirt yarns. For thick yarns we recommend using a metallic hook. Brightly colored hooks will bring even more joy to your projects. Choose the right hook for your project from our wide selection! Here you'll find also other necessary supplies for crochet.
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