Metallic yarns

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  1. Viking Garn Reflex
    Viking Garn Reflex
    As low as €5.90 / pcs
  2. Schoeller Stahl Manuela, kulta ja hopea
    Schoeller Stahl Manuela, silver and gold
    As low as €3.90 / pcs
  3. thin lurex yarn
    Thin Lurex Yarn
    As low as €19.00 / pcs
  4. Lankava Lilli tube yarn with sparkle
    Lankava Lilli Tube Yarn with sparkle
    As low as €16.50 / pcs
  5. Filati Fantasia -kimallelanka
    Filati Fantasia
    As low as €3.10 / pcs
  6. Sparkly and fluffy paper yarn 200 g
    Sparkly and fluffy paper yarn, 200 g
    As low as €9.00 / pcs
  7. Kimallepörrö-paperilanka, 100 g
    Sparkly and fluffy thin paper yarn, 100 g
    As low as €9.00 / pcs
  8. Alize angora gold simli glitter knitting yarn
    Alize Angora Gold Simli
    As low as €4.50 / pcs
  9. Thin paper yarn with glitter 100 g
    Thin paper yarn with glitter, 100 g
    As low as €8.50 / pcs
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Sometimes we do need a bit of sparkle. Add it to your knitting and other crafts with these yarns. We have sparkling knitting yarns, and even tube yarns and paper yarns with some extra shine.
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