Blanket Yarn and Shawl Yarn

Blanket Yarn and Shawl Yarn
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  1. esito worsted wool blanket yarn
    Esito Worsted Wool Nm 7.0x3
    As low as €63.00 / kg
  2. Esito looped mohair yarn
    Esito Looped Mohair Yarn
    As low as €28.80 / pcs
  3. lankava unni wool yarn on the cone
    Lankava Unni Wool Yarn, cone
    As low as €59.00 / kg
  4. Sandnes Garn Fritidsgarn wool yarn
    Sandnes Fritidsgarn
    As low as €3.90 / pcs
  5. Esito worsted wool yarn
    Esito worsted wool yarn
    As low as €64.00 / kg
  6. Finnish wool yarn
    Pirtin Kehräämö wool yarn, tex 104x3
    As low as €9.90 / pcs
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Use our finest wool yarns to weave shawls and blankets. Both carded and worsted wool yarns can be used for weaving blankets. Our selection includes Finnish carded wool and Norwegian worsted wool, among others. Use our looped mohair yarn by Esito for unique blankets and shawls.
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