Sock Yarn

Sock Yarn
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  1. Gjestal Maija Space Sock Yarn
    Gjestal Maija Space Sock Yarn
    As low as €3.95 / pcs
  2. Boho Classic Sock Yarn
    Boho Classic Sock Yarn
    As low as €4.90 / pcs
  3. Filcolana Arwetta Classic 50 g
    Filcolana Arwetta Classic
    As low as €5.30 / pcs
  4. Regia 6-ply -sukkalanka
    Regia 6-ply
    As low as €9.45 / pcs
  5. Regia 6-ply Color
    Regia 6-ply Color
    As low as €10.90 / pcs
  6. Gjestal Maija Sock Yarn
    Gjestal Maija Sock Yarn
    As low as €3.60 / pcs
  7. Austermann Step 6 Classic
    Step 6 Classic
    As low as €17.50 / pcs
  8. Regia 4-ply Cube Color
    Regia 4-ply Cube Color
    As low as €7.50 / pcs
  9. Istex Hosuband,
    Istex Hosuband
    As low as €6.95 / pcs
  10. Gjestal Janne Sock Yarn
    Gjestal Janne Sock Yarn
    As low as €3.60 / pcs
  11. Gjestal Janne Space sock yarn
    Gjestal Janne Space Sock Yarn
    As low as €3.95 / pcs
  12. Austermann Step 6 kirjava sukkalanka
    Step 6 kirjava sukkalanka
    As low as €17.50
  13. Boho Print Sock Yarn
    Boho Print Sock Yarn
    As low as €4.90 / pcs
  14. Alize Superwash -sukkalanka yksivärinen
    Alize Superwash, unicolor
    As low as €5.70 / pcs
  15. alize superwash variegated
    Alize Superwash, variegated
    As low as €5.70 / pcs
  16. Alize superwash striped sock yarn
    Alize Superwash, striped
    As low as €5.70 / pcs
  17. Urth Uneek Sock -sukkalankapaketti
    Urth Uneek Sock Kit
    As low as €25.90 / pcs
  18. Lankava ulla sukkalanka
    Lankava Ulla Sock Yarn
    As low as €3.90 / pcs
  19. Lykke Superwash sock yarn
    Lykke Superwash
    As low as €2.90 / pcs
  20. Himalaya socks bamboo sock yarn
    Himalaya Socks Bamboo sock yarn
    As low as €6.00 / pcs
  21. DROPS Nord
    DROPS Nord
    As low as €2.80 / pcs
  22. Drops delight superwash sock yarn
    DROPS Delight
    As low as €3.60 / pcs
  23. Drops fabel uni colour sockyarn
    DROPS Fabel Uni Colour
    As low as €2.70 / pcs
  24. Drops fabel print sock yarn
    DROPS Fabel Print
    As low as €3.00 / pcs
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A good sock yarn is both beautiful and durable. Have a look at our range of sock yarns and sock wools and choose your favorite. Whether you are looking for a thin or a slightly thicker sock yarn, solid or multicolored yarn, you can find it here. Or would you like a sock yarn, which is soft and comfortable against the skin? Try our soft alpaca or merino wool sock yarns. We know that warm woolen socks are a delight for everyone, so knit a pair for yourself and then knit on to delight your family and friends.
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