Bulky Yarn

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  1. Alize Puffy, A new yarn innovation - no needles, no hook needed.
    Alize Puffy
    As low as €3.50 / pcs
  2. Puffy More
    Puffy More
    As low as €6.00
  3. Alize Puffy Fine yarn for finger knitting.
    Alize Puffy Fine
    As low as €3.50 / pcs
  4. Schachenmayr Teddy -pörrölanka
    Schachenmayr Teddy
    As low as €8.25 / pcs
  5. Naturalia chunky wool yarn
    Borgo de' Pazzi Naturalia, chunky wool yarn
    As low as €11.50 / pcs
  6. Super chunky wool yarn Grosso
    Super Chunky Wool Yarn Grosso
    As low as €12.50 / pcs
  7. Drops eskimo bulky yarn
    DROPS Snow
    As low as €2.40 / pcs
  8. Alize country lux
    Alize Country
    As low as €5.90 / pcs
  9. Istex alafosslopi icelandic wool
    Istex Alafosslopi
    As low as €6.95 / pcs
  10. Istex Jöklalopi (Bulkylopi)
    Istex Jöklalopi
    As low as €7.50 / pcs
  11. Pampula knitting yarn
    Knitting Yarn Pampula
    As low as €5.90 / pcs
  12. Himalaya combo chunky knitting yarn
    Himalaya Combo
    As low as €3.90 / pcs
  13. Muhku thick wool yarn
    Muhku Thick Wool Yarn
    As low as €34.00 / kg
  14. Lankava Lilli Mix Tube Yarn
    Lankava Lilli Mix Tube Yarn
    As low as €15.00 / pcs
  15. Lankava Frotee loopy craft yarn for crocheting
    Lankava Frotee Loopy Craft Yarn
    As low as €15.00 / pcs
  16. Lankava Lilli tube yarn roll
    Lankava Lilli Tube Yarn
    As low as €15.00 / pcs
  17. Alize superlana maxi chunky knitting yarn
    Alize Superlana Maxi
    As low as €3.50 / pcs
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Feeling the need to supersize your projects with chunky yarn? Home decor items or bulky knitwear made from chunky yarn are definitely eye-catchers. A giant blanket or an impressive scarf made of super chunky woolen yarn are finished very quickly with giant knitting needles. Chunky wool is a luxury, but we have other fibers available as well. Browse the selection and supersize your projects!
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