DROPS Design

DROPS Design
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  1. DROPS Nord
    DROPS Nord
    As low as €2.21 / pcs
  2. Drops Lima villa-alpakkasekoitelanka
    DROPS Lima
    As low as €1.89 / pcs
  3. Drops Big Merino
    Drops Big Merino
    As low as €4.10 / pcs
  4. Drops Puna
    DROPS Puna
    As low as €2.73 / pcs
  5. Drops Karisma
    DROPS Karisma
    As low as €2.70 / pcs
  6. Drops Merino Extra Fine
    Drops Merino Extra Fine
    As low as €4.10 / pcs
  7. Drops Alpaca yarn
    DROPS Alpaca
    As low as €2.80 / pcs
  8. Drops alpaca mix yarn
    DROPS Alpaca Mix
    As low as €2.94 / pcs
  9. Drops baby merino wool yarn
    DROPS Baby Merino
    As low as €4.10 / pcs
  10. Drops bomull lin cotton linen yarn
    DROPS Bomull-Lin
    As low as €3.10 / pcs
  11. Drops eskimo bulky yarn
    DROPS Snow
    As low as €2.40 / pcs
  12. Drops cotton merino yarn
    DROPS Cotton Merino
    As low as €4.00 / pcs
  13. Drops Muskat -puuvillalanka
    DROPS Muskat
    As low as €2.30 / pcs
  14. Drops Alaska wool yarn
    DROPS Alaska
    As low as €2.40
  15. Drops paris cotton yarn
    DROPS Paris
    As low as €1.55 / pcs
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Get your favorite DROPS Design yarns from Lankava! DROPS Design is a well-known brand among knitters. Our DROPS knitting yarn selection includes yarns made of natural fibers such as alpaca, merino, silk and linen, as well as other high-quality yarns for knitting and crochet. DROPS yarns are suitable for all kinds of knitting and crochet projects. You will find fingering, DK, sock yarns and baby yarns - all at excellent prices!
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