Other Rug Yarns

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  1. jute cord for crochet and weaving
    Jute cord
    As low as €36.00 / kg
  2. Lankava Chunkymop
    Lankava Chunkymop Cotton Twine
    As low as €11.90 / pcs
  3. Lankava Juutti
    Lankava Juutti Jute Cord
    As low as €25.20 / pcs
  4. Kimallepörrö-paperilanka, 100 g
    Sparkly and fluffy thin paper yarn, 100 g
    As low as €9.00 / pcs
  5. Muhku thick wool yarn
    Muhku Thick Wool Yarn
    As low as €36.00 / kg
  6. recycled cotton rug binding
    Rug Binding
    As low as €4.80 / m
  7. Lankava Frotee pörrökude virkkaukseen
    Lankava Frotee Loopy Craft Yarn
    As low as €16.20 / pcs
  8. Lankava paulina punoskude
    Lankava Paulina Chunky Twine
    As low as €15.50 / pcs
  9. Lankava minimop yarn
    Lankava Minimop Cotton Twine
    As low as €12.50 / pcs
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Browse our range of rug yarns and pick your favorite material. We have selected the most popular rug yarn materials for you to make your favorite rug or home decor item. Wool rug yarn, linen cord, jute cord, paper yarn, mop yarn and cotton twine - let your imagination fly!
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