Cotton Yarn

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  1. Esito-virkkuulanka, merseroitu puuvillalanka
    Esito Crochet Yarn
    As low as €4.30 / pcs
  2. Alize Bahar mercerized cotton yarn
    Alize Bahar
    As low as €3.70 / pcs
  3. Alize cotton gold cotton yarn
    Alize Cotton Gold
    As low as €4.90 / pcs
  4. Alize cotton gold batik cotton yarn
    Alize Cotton Gold Batik
    As low as €5.20 / pcs
  5. Drops paris cotton yarn
    DROPS Paris
    As low as €1.09 / pcs
  6. Drops cotton merino yarn
    DROPS Cotton Merino
    As low as €4.00 / pcs
  7. Drops bomull lin cotton linen yarn
    DROPS Bomull-Lin
    As low as €2.17 / pcs
  8. Himalaya Deluxe Bamboo
    Himalaya Deluxe Bamboo
    As low as €4.90 / pcs
  9. Fibra natura papyrus knitting yarn
    Fibra Natura Papyrus
    As low as €2.90 / pcs
  10. Hjertegarn Blend Bamboo -bambupuuvillalanka
    Hjertegarn Blend Bamboo
    As low as €4.20 / pcs
  11. esito crochet yarn on the cone
    Esito Crochet Yarn 8/4 on the cone
    As low as €38.00 / kg
  12. Lankava minimop yarn
    Lankava Minimop Cotton Twine
    As low as €11.90 / pcs
  13. Selina chenille yarn
    Selina Chenille Yarn
    As low as €34.00 / kg
  14. Selina-samettilanka, 200 m pikkurullalla
    Selina Chenille Yarn, 200 m bobbin
    As low as €6.00 / pcs
  15. Lankava Chunkymop
    Lankava Chunkymop Cotton Twine
    As low as €11.90 / pcs
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Cotton yarns are ideal for lighter knitwear, children's clothing and home decor items. Cotton yarn is pleasant to the skin and it's safe to machine-wash. Cotton is a natural fiber and it's usually suitable for those whose skin gets irritated by wool or synthetic fibers. Our cotton yarn brands include Esito, Alize, Sandnes Garn and DROPS Design.
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