Cotton Twine

Cotton Twine
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  1. Lankava Matilda Mini Twine
    Lankava Matilda Mini Twine
    As low as €8.00 / pcs
  2. Loop'ncraft Braidy
    Loop'ncraft Braidy
    As low as €4.50 / pcs
  3. Moi-lanka, Molla Mills for Lankava
    MOI Braided Yarn
    As low as €9.90 / pcs
  4. ReTwisst Macrame Yarn
    ReTwisst Chainy Cotton
    As low as €4.50 / pcs
  5. Lankava Pamela Macramé Cord
    Lankava Pamela Macramé Cord
    As low as €12.50 / pcs
  6. Loop'ncraft XXLace
    Loop'ncraft XXLace
    As low as €4.50 / pcs
  7. Lankava paulina chunky twine
    Lankava Paulina Chunky Twine
    As low as €15.50 / pcs
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Lankava offers you unique cotton twines, which are especially great for macrame and other that type of crafts. Paulina and Matilda chunky twines are mostly made from recycled cotton.
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