Lankava Kymppi Poppana cotton bias

Lankava Kymppi Poppana cotton bias

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Fibre Content100 % Cotton
Weight/Meterage500 g
Needles4–6 mm
Hook Recommendation4–6 mm

Lankava Kymppi Poppana cotton bias

Poppana cotton bias is a ribbon-like unfolded strip of cotton fabric cut in bias. Kymppi poppana cotton bias is 10 mm wide, and that’s where the name comes from, since “kymppi” means ten in Finnish. Poppana is a traditional Finnish product and it’s made in Finland. It is most often used in weaving as weft, to make table runners, clothes, rugs and different kinds of interior textiles. It’s cut in bias, so it stretches a bit and the edges are fuzzy, which gives a nice effect to the finished product. It's quick and easy to weave with poppana! Single discs of this product are also available. We also sell Esito poppana cotton bias, which is 8 mm wide.

Washing instructions: Wash poppana products separately, because excess color from the dyeing process may come off in the first wash. Wash at 60°C in plenty of water with a soap-based detergent, but do not soak. Rinse well and use a gentle spin cycle. Iron while the product is still slightly damp.

Width: 10 mm 
The package contains approx. 10 discs, each disc being approx. 50g
Approx. 700 g needed to weave a 1 m x 1 m piece  

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