Plant based dyeing

Plant based dyeing
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  1. Lankava Villava-villalanka 180x2
    Lankava Villava Wool Yarn 180x2
    As low as €10.90 / pcs
  2. Lankava Villava-villalanka 180x3
    Lankava Villava Wool Yarn 180x3
    As low as €10.90 / pcs
  3. Istex alafosslopi icelandic wool
    Istex Alafosslopi
    As low as €7.95 / pcs
  4. Lettlopi icelandic wool
    Istex Lettlopi
    As low as €4.50 / pcs
  5. esito worsted wool blanket yarn
    Esito Worsted Wool Nm 7.0x3
    As low as €63.00 / kg
  6. Fibra natura papyrus knitting yarn
    Fibra Natura Papyrus
    As low as €2.90 / pcs
  7. Finnish wool yarn
    Pirtin Kehräämö wool yarn, tex 104x3
    As low as €9.90 / pcs
  8. Fibra Natura Shepherd's Own wool yarn
    Fibra Natura Shepherd's own
    As low as €4.90 / pcs
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Here you can find our selection of the most popular yarns for plant based dyeing.
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