Lopi Ullarsápa wool soap

Lopi Ullarsápa wool soap

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Size500 ml
MaterialSisällys: 5-15% pesuainetta, ionittomat pinta-aktiiviset aineet <5% fosfonaatti, karboksylaatit

Lopi Ullarsápa, 500 ml

Lopi Ullarsápa is a soap specially formulated for washing wool and other delicate materials. It can be used for washing by hand or in a washing machine.

Lopi Ullarsápa, recommended dosage:

Hand wash: 25 ml (ca 2 caps) in 5 litres of water
Machine wash: 75 ml (ca 6 caps) for 4-5 kg load

How to use Lopi Ullarsápa:

Hand wash

  • Dissolve Lopi wool soap in lukewarm water, approximately 30°C
  • Let the garment soak in the water for about 10 minutes, except for garments made from Plötulopi that should not be soaked.
  • Wash delicately.
  • Rinse very well or until the water is completely clear. The water might need changing a few times.
  • Squeeze gently, do not rub or wring out.
  • Smooth out and lay to dry on a flat surface in right measurements.

Machine washing

  • Pour Lopi ullarsápa into the detergent comparment of the washing machine, see recommended dosage.
  • After the program is finished, take the load immediately out of the machine and lay to dry on a flat surface in right measurements.
  • Please note that not all garments made of wool and other delicate materials are machine washable.
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