addiCraSyTrio Unicorn knitting needles

addiCraSyTrio Unicorn knitting needles

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addiCraSyTrio Unicorn knitting needles, 30cm

Addi CraSyTrio triangular needles bring new winds to knitting! These patented triangular knitting needles are a clever combination of traditional double pointed and circular needles and are perfect for knitting woolen socks, mittens, sweater sleeves and other smaller closed knits. Instead of the traditional five needles, the CraSyTrio comes in a set of three. The stitches are on two needles and the third one is used to knit. With the CraSyTrio knitting becomes smoother and the knit is neater, when there are two needle exchange points instead of four.

One end of the tips of the CraSyTrio needles is LACE-strength, i.e. sharper and slimmer in shape, thus bringing smoothness to knitting even with thinner yarn. The CraSyTrio knitting needles are metal and their surface has a spiral pattern that improves the grip on the surface of the stick, the middle part of the sticks is a flexible cable. The total measurement of one stick from tip to tip is 30cm.

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