About us

About Lankava


Long-lasting love towards yarn, since 1925

Lankava Ltd is a Finnish family run company with long-lasting love towards yarn. 

Lankava was founded in 1925. With our original roots in weaving quality textiles, it’s all about yarn for us.

We have been one of the leading companies in the rug and weaving yarn industry for decades and today our yarns are well-known among the crocheters and knitters as well. We provide a wide and versatile selection of stock service yarns and various accessories for crochet, weaving and knitting. Materials ranging from eco-cotton to wool, from linen to paper yarn. We know the art of yarn and have the knowledge to provide you the yarn you need.

Lankava Eco-Cotton Yarns for eco-friendly crafting

Originating from our passion for yarn and strive towards sustainability, we have chosen to produce special yarns of upcycled cotton waste, a leftover material from textile factories. The leftover cutting clips are re-made into fibre and spun again into new yarn, from which our Eco-Cotton Yarns are born. Eco-Cotton Yarns have the natural feel and quality of cotton, but without the environmental costs of virgin cotton production. No water wasting, no dyeing, but crafting in good conscience!

Inspiration, patterns and craft supply store

We want to inspire and delight not only with our yarns but also with our popular designs and patterns. You can buy our yarn and download our free patterns from our online store. We ship worldwide!

When it comes to crafting, we cover almost everything one can dream of, making our store in Finland also a popular visit destination for all crafters.