LANKAVA Eco-Cotton Yarns




Lankava Eco-Cotton Yarns for eco-friendly crochet, knitting and weaving 

Originating from our long-lasting love towards yarn and recycled materials, Lankava Yarn House produces yarns for crochet, knitting and weaving of upcycled cotton waste, a leftover material from textile factories’ manufacturing process. The leftover cutting scraps are re-made into fibre and then spun again into new yarn, from which our Eco-Cotton Yarn family is born: Mini Tube Yarn, Lilli Tube Yarn, Eko Tube Yarn, Paulina Chunky Twine and Frotee Loopy Craft Yarn. All these products have the natural feel and quality of cotton, but without the environmental costs of virgin cotton production. No water wasting, no dyeing, no chemicals! 

Find out more about the production of Eco-Cotton Yarns here.

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