Silje alpaca

Silje alpaca

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Material: 100% alpaca wool
Manufacturer: Sandnes Garn, Norway
Skein: 50 g / 110m
Needle size: 3.5-4 mm
Gauge: 10 cm = 22 sts
Care: can be machine washed at 30 ° C. Do not use fabric softener.

Silje is a 100% pure alpaca yarn for quality-conscious knitters. The yarn is incredibly soft and pleasant and does not itch. It is also a good insulator which means that knitted accessories such as scarves and hats do not allow the body's heat to escape - even if they are not very thick.

More colours of this alpaca yarn can be found under the name Sandnes alpaca.

Selection: Silje alpaca

Product no. colour Price
SILJE1012 1012 Unbleached white 5.50
SILJE1042 1042 Light grey 5.50
SILJE1053 1053 Grey 5.50
SILJE1088 1088 Natural black 5.50
SILJE1099 1099 Black 5.50
SILJE3021 3021 Beige 5.50
SILJE3824 3824 Salmon pink 5.50
SILJE4081 4081 Dark brown 5.50
SILJE4219 4219 Red 5.50
SILJE4345 4345 Wine red 5.50
SILJE4600 4600 Magenta 5.50
SILJE4634 4634 Pale magenta 5.50
SILJE4853 4853 Dark heather 5.50
SILJE4855 4855 Prune 5.50
SILJE5575 5575 Dark Blue 5.50
SILJE6063 6063 Indigo 5.50
SILJE9435 9435 Pistachio green 5.50
SILJE9655 9655 Olive green 5.50
SILJE3031 3031 Light brown 5.50
SILJE3161 3161 Brown 5.50
SILJE5037 5037 Violet 5.50
SILJE6071 6071 Dark grey 5.50
SILJE9012 9012 Light pistachio green 5.50
SILJE9273 9273 Moss green 5.50
SILJE9334 9334 Light olive green 5.50


Product Note Status Price
Sandnes Alpakka Sandnes Alpakka
O1360 O1360
O1009 O1009
O1068 O1068
O1066 O1066
Ohje Jooga-sukat Ohje Jooga-sukat
O1308 O1308
O1306 O1306
O1371 O1371
O1442 O1442
O1488 O1488
Ohje Malvikki-liivi Ohje Malvikki-liivi
Ohje Kukka-rannekkeet Ohje Kukka-rannekkeet
Ohje Kirjoneulepipo ja -rannekkeet Ohje Kirjoneulepipo ja -rannekkeet
Ohje Verkkoneulepusero Ohje Verkkoneulepusero
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